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A user needs a derive system the offers redundancy while providing the fastest read/write speed possible. Which of the
following RAID configurations should a technician configure in the user\\’s workstation?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 5
D. 10
Correct Answer: C

A customer wants to purchase a new home computer. The machine will mainly be used for internal browsing and
streaming video, except on weekends when the customers\\’ son will use it to play games with friends.
Which of the following should the technician focus on to meet these requirements?
A. 80mm case fans
B. Four-core processor
C. RAID 5 array
D. 16GB DDR2 memory
E. Dual monitors
F. Encrypted hard drive
Correct Answer: B

A client has three locations within city limits that need to be networked. Vendor network requirements for all three
locations are a minimum of 1GB.
Which of the following are the types of networks that will MOST likely be used for internal office and office-to-office
networking? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AB

Joe, a user, has purchased a new mobile device that uses a different OS than his previous one. Joe wants to copy his
contacts and appointments from his corporate account without entering them manually.
Which of the following would be the BEST way for a technician to assist Joe?
A. Log into the same email provider on the new device, and restore the contacts and dates.
B. Create a Bluetooth connection between Joe\\’s devices, and copy his contacts and calendar.
C. Back up the old mobile device to a PC, and import the contacts and schedule from the PC.
D. Use NFC to transfer all compatible data from one device to the other.
Correct Answer: A

About one week ago, access to files on a network server became significantly slower. Today, network files are
completely unavailable. A technician is able to make a remote connection to the server. Which of the following should
the technician check NEXT?
A. RAID 5 array
B. NIC configuration
C. Available storage space
D. RAM utilization
Correct Answer: A

A technician is tasked with replacing all the APs in an office building for greater speeds. The current location of APs
allowed for total coverage of WiFi throughout the office. Which of the following 802.11 standards should be used?
A. a
B. ac
C. b
D. g
E. n
Correct Answer: B

A technician is setting up a WiFi-enabled thermostat for a customer, but the customer is concerned about IoT devices
getting hacked.
Which of the following BEST address the customer\\’s concerns? (Choose two.)
A. Use the latest encryption standard on the wireless network and set a strong password.
B. Enable two-factor authentication for the IoT device\\’s cloud account, if it is available.
C. Separate the IoT thermostat by segregating it in a DMZ network.
D. Disable wireless access on the thermostat to make it unshakable.
E. Upgrade the customer\\’s router to the latest version to improve network security.
F. Upgrade the customer\\’s wireless network encryption to WPA.
Correct Answer: AC

Which of the following devices can utilize VLANs to secure networks?
A. Switch
B. Hub
C. Repeater
D. Bridge
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following Ethernet cables would BEST support an application that requires a 600 Mbps throughput at the
lowest price point?
A. Cat 3
B. Cat 5
C. Cat 5e
D. Cat 6
Correct Answer: C

An end user reports a Windows based PC just had a BSOD. The PC rebooted, and the user is now logged back in and
working without any issues. Which of the following should a technician check FIRST to begin troubleshooting?
A. Hard drive S.M.A.R.T. data
B. Event Viewer
C. Device Manager
D. BIOS settings
E. Performance Monitor
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following connector types is used to terminate household telephone cabling?
A. RG-6
B. RJ-11
C. RJ-45
D. RG-59
Correct Answer: B

A small business owner with a limited budget wants to host a company website and ERP applications in the cloud.
Which of the following would be the BEST cloud model to accomplish this task?
A. DaaS
B. laaS
C. PaaS
D. SaaS
Correct Answer: C

A customer reports being unable to access email on desktop workstation, however, other office application are working.
A technician determines the computer has an IP address of The technician learns from the customer that
the computer recently was moved across the room. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should technician take
A. Check the default gateway
B. Verify physical Ethernet connections
C. Test web browser functional
D. Restrict the computer
E. Resolve the IP address conflict
Correct Answer: E

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