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Free Citrix 1Y0-203 Exam Practice Questions

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is troubleshooting a case where policies are NOT being applied as expected to a
XenDesktop session. Citrix policies are configured in both Citrix Studio and Group Policy Management Console
(GPMC). Which tool can the administrator use to simulate a scenario to see the Citrix policies that are being applied
from both Citrix Studio and GPMC?
A. Group Policy Results tool from GPMC
B. Citrix Group Policy Modeling Wizard in GPMC
C. Comparison Tab in Citrix Studio
D. Citrix Group Policy Modeling Wizard in Citrix Studio
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements are valid when using Citrix Profile Streaming? (Choose two.)
A. Registry entries and files in the pending area are fetched when accessed.
B. By default, Profile Streaming is disabled.
C. Profile Streaming will delay the logon process.
D. The files and folders are fetched on-demand.
Correct Answer: BD

Scenario: In a Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop environment which has a User/Device licensing model in place, a Citrix
Administrator is reviewing license usage. The administrator notices that some listed employees are NO longer part of
the organization, as they have retired or changed jobs.
Which utility can the administrator use to release the unused licenses immediately?
A. udadmin
B. Citrix Studio
C. Imdiag
D. Imadmin
Correct Answer: A

A Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) needs to locate the Delivery Controller to register with it. In which order of
precedence, from greatest to least, will VDA locate the Delivery Controller?
A. Personality.ini file, ListOf DDC\\’s

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