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Free Citrix 1Y0-203 Exam Practice Questions

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is troubleshooting a case where policies are NOT being applied as expected to a
XenDesktop session. Citrix policies are configured in both Citrix Studio and Group Policy Management Console
(GPMC). Which tool can the administrator use to simulate a scenario to see the Citrix policies that are being applied
from both Citrix Studio and GPMC?
A. Group Policy Results tool from GPMC
B. Citrix Group Policy Modeling Wizard in GPMC
C. Comparison Tab in Citrix Studio
D. Citrix Group Policy Modeling Wizard in Citrix Studio
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements are valid when using Citrix Profile Streaming? (Choose two.)
A. Registry entries and files in the pending area are fetched when accessed.
B. By default, Profile Streaming is disabled.
C. Profile Streaming will delay the logon process.
D. The files and folders are fetched on-demand.
Correct Answer: BD

Scenario: In a Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop environment which has a User/Device licensing model in place, a Citrix
Administrator is reviewing license usage. The administrator notices that some listed employees are NO longer part of
the organization, as they have retired or changed jobs.
Which utility can the administrator use to release the unused licenses immediately?
A. udadmin
B. Citrix Studio
C. Imdiag
D. Imadmin
Correct Answer: A

A Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) needs to locate the Delivery Controller to register with it. In which order of
precedence, from greatest to least, will VDA locate the Delivery Controller?
A. Personality.ini file, ListOf DDC\\’s key in the registry, Policy settings from AD, Auto update of controllers
B. Policy Settings from AD, ListOf DDC\\’s key in the registry, Auto update of controllers, Personality.ini file
C. Auto update of controllers, Policy settings from AD, ListOf DDC\\’s key in the registry, Personality.ini file
D. Personality.ini file, Auto update of controllers, ListOf DDC\\’s key in the registry, Policy Settings from AD
Correct Answer: B

When using Citrix Director, which three parameters can a Citrix Administrator use to search for a session? (Choose
A. Machine
B. Delivery Group
C. Application Name
D. User
E. Endpoint
Correct Answer: ADE

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is investigating an instability in the system that is causing the Print Spooler service to
stop frequently on the XenApp server. The administrator finds printer driver conflicts in the environment. Which policy
can the administrator use to resolve this issue and remove the unwanted printer drivers on the XenApp server?
A. Use only printer model specific drivers
B. Automatic Installation of in-box printer drivers
C. Auto-connect all client printers
D. Use universal printing only if requested driver is unavailable
Correct Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator needs to configure Store Front for High Availability in order to aggregate resources from multiple
Which two requirements or restrictions should the administrator consider when deciding to set up highly available multi-
site configurations for stores? (Choose two.)
A. App Controller applications can also be aggregated as long as they have the same name and path on each server
B. StoreFront only provides access to backup deployments for disaster recovery when all the primary sites are
C. While running `Propagate task\\’, the administrator CANNOT make any further changes until all the servers in the
group have been updated
D. If synchronization of user\\’s application subscriptions is configured between stores on separate StoreFront
deployments, the stores must have the same name in each server group
Correct Answer: CD

A Citrix Administrator is preparing printers to be mapped into users\\’ sessions. Which step can the administrator
perform to present the printers to the users?
A. Create a “session printers” policy to map the printers to the users.
B. Create a policy and enable “Create client network printer only”.
C. Install all the printer drivers on the client devices.
D. Install the printer drivers to all XenDesktop Controller in the environment.
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to deploy a new version of Receiver to 10 users who are onsite as visitors and
use personal BYOD laptops that run an older version of Receiver. The users only require a base installation of Receiver
with NO customizations; however, they will need to have the ability to print and save files locally from within their
The users will access XenDesktop resources through StoreFront.
Which two deployment options can the administrator choose for these users? (Choose two.)
A. Have users run HTML5 Receiver through web browser.
B. Use an Enterprise software deployment of Receiver.
C. Deploy Receiver through StoreFront browser.
D. Have users perform a manual installation of Native Receiver.
Correct Answer: AC

Scenario: A user is currently accessing three published applications from the same Server VDA. The user has informed
the Citrix Administrator that an application is NOT responding. Using Citrix Director, which option should the
administrator choose to resolve the user\\’s issue?
A. Terminate the user\\’s session.
B. Send the user a message informing them to log off.
C. Reset the user\\’s profile.
D. Terminate the hung process.
Correct Answer: D

Which two reasons are valid for changing the location of the Configuration Logging database after creating the Site
according to Citrix recommendations? (Choose two.)
A. The volume of data collected for Configuration Logging could adversely affect the space available to the Site
configuration database.
B. The backup strategy for the Configuration Logging database is likely to differ from the backup strategy for the Site
Configuration database.
C. The Site Configuration database cannot be backed up because it is in use by the Configuration Logging process.
D. The Configuration Logging database can only be cleared by stopping and starting the Citrix Configuration Site
Correct Answer: AB

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator notices an intermittent latency issue within the XenApp and XenDesktop environment.
The issue only involves external users entering through a NetScaler gateway. The administrator reviews NetScaler logs,
identifies the problem as a Networking issue, and now wants a more granular view of the data in order to isolate the
issue further.
Which Citrix tool can the administrator use to view the network information?
A. Configuration Logging
B. HDX Insight
C. Citrix Scout
D. Citrix Diagnostic Tool Kit
Correct Answer: D

Which layer is focused on the desktop images to which users connect?
A. Resource Layer
B. Access Layer
C. Control Layer
D. User Layer
Correct Answer: A

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