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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNP Security
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (SITCS)
Exam Code: 300-210
Total Questions: 330 Q&As

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Useful Cisco CCNP Security 300-210 Dumps Exam Practice Questions And Answers (Q1-Q30)

Using the Cisco WSA GUI, where should an operator navigate to determine the running software image on the Cisco WSA?
A. Systems Administration > System Upgrade
B. Systems Administration > Feature Keys
C. Systems Administration > General
D. Admin > System Info
Correct Answer: A

Which description of an advantage of utilizing IPS virtual sensors is true?
A. Different configurations can be applied to different sets of traffic.
B. The persistent store is unlimited for the IPS virtual sensor.
C. The virtual sensor does not require 802.1q headers for inbound traffic.
D. Asymmetric traffic can be split between multiple virtual sensors
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the following:
R01(config)#ip wccp web-cache redirect-list 80 password-local
A. Traffic denied in prefix-list 80 is redirected to the Cisco WSA
B. The default “cisco” password is configured on the Cisco WSA
C. Traffic permitted in access-list 80 is redirected to the Cisco WSA
D. Traffic using TCP port 80 is redirected to the Cisco WSA
Correct Answer: C

Which option is a benefit of Cisco Email Security virtual appliance over the Cisco ESA appliance?
A. reduced space and power requirements
B. outbound message protection
C. automated administration
D. global threat intelligence updates from Talos
Correct Answer: A

You have configured a VLAN pair that is connected to a switch that is unable to pass traffic. If the IPS is configured correctly, which additional configuration must you perform to enable the switch to pass traffic?
A. Configure access ports on the switch.
B. Configure the trunk port on the switch.
C. Enable IP routing on the switch.
D. Enable ARP inspection on the switch.
Correct Answer: A

What is the function of the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery protocol?
A. It enables a web client to discover the URL of a configuration file.
B. It enables a web client to download a script or configuration file that is named by a URL.
C. It enables a web client’s traffic flows to be redirected in real time.
D. It enables web clients to dynamically resolve hostname records.
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco Cloud Web Security Connector feature allows access by all of an organization’s users while applying Active Directory group policies?
A. a company authentication key
B. a group authentication key
C. a PAC file
D. proxy forwarding
E. a user authentication key
Correct Answer: A

Which type of server is required to communicate with a third-party DLP solution?
A. an HTTPS server
B. an HTTP server
C. an ICAP-capable proxy server
D. a PKI certificate server
Correct Answer: C

Which interface on the Cisco Email Security Appliance has HTTP and SSH enabled by default?
A. data 1
B. data 2
C. management 1
D. all interfaces
Correct Answer: A

Which website can be used to validate group information about connections that flow through Cisco CWS?
A. whoami.scansafe.net
B. policytrace.scansafe.net
C. whoami.scansafe.com
D. policytrace.scansafe.com
Correct Answer: B

In addition to the CLI, what is another option to manage a Cisco IPS?
B. Cisco SDM
C. Cisco IDM
D. Cisco ISE
Correct Answer: C

Which commands are required to configure SSH on router? 300-210 dumps (Choose two.)
A. Configure domain name using ip domain-name command
B. Generate a key using crypto key generate rsa
C. Configure a DHCP host for the router using dhcpname#configure terminal
D. Generate enterprise CA self-sign certificate
Correct Answer: AB

Here are the steps:
Configure a hostname for the router using these commands.
yourname#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
yourname (config)#hostname LabRouter
Configure a domain name with the ip domain-name command followed by whatever you would like your domain name to be. I used CiscoLab.com.
LabRouter(config)#ip domain-name CiscoLab.com
We generate a certificate that will be used to encrypt the SSH packets using the crypto key generate rsa command.
Take note of the message that is displayed right after we enter this command: “The name for the keys will be: LabRouter.CiscoLab.com” — it combines the hostname of the router along with the domain name we configured to get the name of the encryption key generated; this is why it was important for us to, first of all, configure a hostname then a domain name before we generated the keys.

Which feature of the Cisco Hybrid Email Security services enables you to create multiple email senders on a single Cisco ESA?
A. Virtual Gateway
B. Sender Groups
C. Mail Flow Policy Connector
D. Virtual Routing and Forwarding
E. Email Marketing Connector
Correct Answer: A

Which IPS feature allows you to aggregate multiple IPS links over a single port channel?
Correct Answer: B

A network security design engineer is considering using a Cisco Intrusion Detection System in the DMZ of the network. Which option is the drawback to using IDS in the DMZ as opposed to using Intrusion Prevention System?
A. Sensors, when placed in-line, can impact network functionality during sensor failure.
B. IDS has impact on the network (that is, latency and jitter).
C. Response actions cannot stop triggered packet or guarantee to stop a connection techniques.
D. Response actions cannot stop malicious packets or cannot guarantee to stop any DOS attack.
Correct Answer: B

What are the two policy types that can use a web reputation profile to perform reputation- based processing? (Choose two.)
A. profile policies
B. encryption policies
C. decryption policies
D. access policies
Correct Answer: CD

Which statement about the default configuration of an IPS sensor’s management security settings is true?
A. There is no login banner
B. The web server port is TCP 80
C. Telnet and SSH are enable
D. User accounts lock after three attempts
Correct Answer: A

Which command verifies that CWS redirection is working on a Cisco IOS router?
A. show content-scan session active
B. show content-scan summary
C. show interfaces stats
D. show sessions
Correct Answer: A

When a Cisco IPS is deployed in fail-closed mode, what are two conditions that can result in traffic being dropped? (Choose two.)
A. The signature engine is undergoing the build process.
B. The SDF failed to load.
C. The built-in signatures are unavailable.
D. An ACL is configured.
Correct Answer: AB

Which piece of information is required to perform a policy trace for the Cisco WSA?
A. the URL to trace
B. the source IP address of the trace
C. authentication credentials to make the request
D. the destination IP address of the trace
Correct Answer: A

Which three administrator actions are used to configure IP logging in Cisco IME? (Choose three.)
A. Select a virtual sensor.
B. Enable IP logging.
C. Specify the host IP address.
D. Set the logging duration.
E. Set the number of packets to capture.
F. Set the number of bytes to capture.
Correct Answer: ACD

A user is deploying a Cisco IPS appliance in a data center to mitigate most attacks, including atomic attacks. Which two modes does Cisco recommend using to configure for this? (Choose two.)
A. VLAN pair
B. interface pair
C. transparent mode
D. EtherChannel load balancing
E. promiscuous mode
Correct Answer: AD

Which method does Cisco recommend for collecting streams of data on a sensor that has been virtualized?
A. VACL capture
C. the Wireshark utility
D. packet capture
Correct Answer: D

Which option represents the cisco event aggregation product?
A. CVSS system
B. IntelliShield
C. ASA CX Event Viewer
Correct Answer: C

Which Cisco ASA configuration command drops traffic if the Cisco ASA CX module fails?
A. no fail-open
B. fail-close
C. fail-close auth-proxy
D. auth-proxy
Correct Answer: B

Which Cisco ESA predefined sender group uses parameter-matching to reject senders?
Correct Answer: A

Which sensor deployment mode does Cisco recommend when interface capacity is limited and you need to increase sensor functionality?
A. inline interface pair mode
B. inline VLAN pair mode
C. inline VLAN group mode
D. VLAN group mode
Correct Answer: C

Which three categories of the seven major risk management categories are covered in the Cyber Risk Reports? 300-210 dumps (Choose three.)
A. vulnerability
B. risk rating
C. legal
D. confidence level
E. geopolitical
F. global reputation
Correct Answer: ACE

Which settings are required when deploying Cisco IPS in high-availability mode using EtherChannel load balancy?
A. ECLB IPS appliances must be in on-a-stick mode, ECLB IPS solution maintains state if a sensor goes down, and TCP flow is forced through the same IPS appliance.
B. ECLB IPS appliances must not be in on-a-stick mode, ECLB IPS solution maintains state if a sensor goes down, and TCP flow is forced through the same IPS appliance flow
C. ECLB IPS appliances must be in on-a-stick mode, ECLB IPS solution does not maintain state if a sensor goes down, and TCP flow is forced through a different IPS appliance.
D. ECLB IPS appliances must not be in on-a-stick mode, ECLB IPS solution does not maintain state if a sensor goes down, and TCP flow is forced through a different IPS appliance.
Correct Answer: C

r01(config)#ip wccp web-cache redirect-list 80 password local
Refer to the above. What can be determined from this router configuration command for Cisco WSA?
A. Traffic using TCP port 80 is redirected to the Cisco WSA.
B. The default “cisco” password is configured on the Cisco WSA.
C. Traffic denied in prefix-list 80 is redirected to the Cisco WSA.
D. Traffic permitted in access-list 80 is redirected to the Cisco WSA.
Correct Answer: D

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