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Which two statements are correct about L2PT? (Choose two.)
A. L2PT requires 802.1Q tunneling enablement to effectively tunnel L2 protocols.
B. 802.1Q tunnels all L2 protocols by default.
C. L2PT encapsulates L2 PDUs by enabling the ingress switch to rewrite the PDUs’ source MAC addresses before forwarding them onto the service provider network.
D. You cannot enable L2PT and VLAN translation on the same VLAN.
Correct Answer: AD

Click the Exhibit button.
Referring to the exhibit, a customer noticed that the JN0-643 802.1Q-tunneled packets received on SwitchB are being dropped.
What is causing this problem?
A. There is an ether-type mismatch on SwitchA and SwitchB.
B. Customer VLANs are not configured on SwitchB.
C. The SwitchB interface connecting to SwitchA is not a trunk port.
D. Customer VLANs are mismatched on both switches.
Correct Answer: A

You are a service provider and have multiple customers in a building. You are installing a new switch that can host all of your customers. However, you would like to ensure that one customer cannot see or broadcast to another customer. You would also like to have them use a common gateway IP address from the building.
What should be used to provide this access?
B. private VLAN
C. filter-based VLAN
D. Layer 2 tunneling
Correct Answer: B

What are three types of JN0-643 pdf PVLAN broadcast domains? (Choose three.)
A. primary VLAN
B. dynamic VLAN
C. isolated VLAN
D. community VLAN
Correct Answer: ACD

Two PCs are attached to a hub, which is attached to port ge-0/0/0 on your EX Series switch. You must separate the incoming traffic from the PCs into two VLANs.
What should you use to accomplish this task?
A. dynamic VLAN registration with MVRP
B. private VLAN
C. filter-based VLAN
D. guest VLAN
Correct Answer: C

You are asked to implement a filter-based VLAN assignment. You have created the JN0-643 vce firewall filter and must apply this filter to the incoming interface.
Where must this filter be applied?
A. to the access interface configuration
B. to the interface under the primary VLAN assignment
C. to the interface under the secondary VLAN assignment
D. to the trunk interface configuration
Correct Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button.
You are asked to separate the human resources group from the finance group on the company network even though they share the same VLAN. You consider using PVLANs, and you delegate the task to a junior engineer who submits the configuration shown in the exhibit to accomplish this task. After review, you realize that the JN0-643 dumps PVLAN implementation will not work correctly.
Referring to the exhibit, which three commands must be included to resolve the problem? (Choose three.)
A. set vlans pvlan no-local-switching
B. set vlans hr-group no-local-switching
C. set vlans finance-group no-local-switching
D. set vlans hr-group primary-vlan pvlan
E. set vlans finance-group primary-vlan pvlan
Correct Answer: ADE

Which two statements are correct about MSTP? (Choose two.)
A. It allows you to preprovision VLAN IDs to spanning tree instances.
B. It provides a more scalable solution than VSTP.
C. It is not supported when using MVRP.
D. It allows you to use VLAN groups to simplify configuration tasks when groups of VLANs use the same parameters.
Correct Answer: AB

You are asked to implement MSTP on all devices in your Layer 2 network.
Which three parameters must match on all devices within the same region? (Choose three.)
A. region name
B. hello timer
C. maximum age
D. revision level
E. VLAN mapping table
Correct Answer: ADE

You are asked to JN0-643 implement VSTP on all devices in your Layer 2 network.
Which three statements are correct? (Choose three.)
A. VSTP supports up to 256 different spanning-tree topologies.
B. A BPDU is sent for each spanning-tree instance.
C. Each VLAN will be assigned to a unique spanning-tree instance.
D. MSTP can be used in addition to VSTP to account for VLANs outside of the supported range.
E. VSTP can be used to load-balance Layer 2 traffic using VLANs.
Correct Answer: BCE

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