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You are working with the Director of Operations at BigCity, USA, to create a business proposal. Public transportation is
the largest budget item for the city. To reduce the environmental impact of vehicle traffic, BigCity wants to increase
ridership on city buses and light rail transit by 10 percent and reduce the cost of services by 5 percent. Also, due to
reports of theft on the light rail transit system, the city council want to see a plan for improving rider safely.
Which two business priorities must you include in the business roadmap for the business proposal? (Choose two.)
A. Increase ridership by 10 percent.
B. Promote environment consciousness
C. Focus on rider experience.
D. Reduce the cost of services by 5 percent.
E. Provide free Wi-Fi on the buses.
Correct Answer: BC


You are looking at the role that technology plays in a customer organization. Which criterion enables you to choose
between the “define” maturity level and the “differentiate” maturity level?
A. Technology is operated solidly.
B. Technology enables innovation and disruption.
C. Technology enables foundational capacity.
D. Technology is defined by business processes.
Correct Answer: D


What do maturity levels help you to determine?
A. how much consideration to give to a stakeholder
B. only the level of customer maturity
C. if, when, and how to engage with a business-led approach
D. only the level of team maturity
Correct Answer: C

Which tool focuses on enabling customers to spend the least amount of time to reach their goal?
A. lean consumption model
B. lean service management
C. culture map
D. customer journey map
Correct Answer: D


The business proposal addresses business impact in several ways. Which benefit can be used in a business proposal?
A. new customer segments
B. risk-free productivity
C. lower spending trend
D. technology upgrades
Correct Answer: A


What are two of the two best times to create a capability gap analysis? (Choose two.)
A. during the Research and Analyze phase of business focus
B. during the Develop and verify phase of business focus
C. during the Design phase of technical focus
D. during the Discover phase of technical focus
E. after you complete the BMC
Correct Answer: BE


Drag each item on the left to the appropriate category on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 840-450 exam questions q7

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 840-450 exam questions q7-1


Which two scenarios does business systems modeling address? (Choose two.)
A. consumption and speed of replenishment of new business systems
B. to model the various systems that are associated with an organization
C. exchange of information between different events IT systems that the organization relies on
D. consumption model that ensures that customers get what they want, at the value they want, and when they want it
E. helping organizations define what they do
Correct Answer: BD


Which two real-world examples of an external business influence are true? (Choose two.)
A. A bank has decided to invest in a new business solution for retail banking.
B. A state health department has mandated the use of closed-loop medication administration to all state hospitals.
C. A manufacturer is streamlining current manual processes in the warehouse for automation purposes.
D. The CMO has indicated they should develop new business capabilities for their Business Delivery Services
E. A bricks and mortar retailer is introducing their online retail capability to compete with online rivals.
Correct Answer: DE


You use the operating model canvas to expand which part of the business model canvas?
A. bottom
B. right side
C. top
D. left side
Correct Answer: D


You are developing a customer journey map. Drag and drop each customer touchpoint on the left to the correct touch
point type on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 840-450 exam questions q11

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 840-450 exam questions q11-1


When you consider a solution to position for a short-term investment, what are key considerations?
A. a low business solution impact index and high customer readiness index
B. the highest business solution impact index and high customer maturity
C. a low business solution impact index and low customer readiness index
D. a high business solution impact index and low customer maturity
Correct Answer: A


According to the Cisco Business Architecture methodology, to what do you map business capabilities?
A. solutions maturity
B. technical solutions
C. business solutions
D. financial outcomes
Correct Answer: C

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