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Question 11
Your router has more than one routing information source that is telling the router how to reach the /24 network. One source is a statically configured routE. 200-125 pdf Another source is the OSPF routing protocol, and yet another source is the EIGRP routing protocol. What determines which routing information source the router will use?
A. Static routes are always trusted over dynamically learned routes.
B. The route with the lowest metric will be used.
C. The information source with the lowest administrative distance will be used.
D. The route will load-balance among the three available routes.
Answer: C

Question 12
A router performs which of the following tasks? (Choose the 3 best answers.)
A. packet switching
B. rewriting the MAC addresses of Ethernet frames
C. determining the full path to a destination network
D. determining the next hop to a destination network
E. rewriting the IP addresses of IP packets
Answer: ABD

Question 13
Given the following topology, what would be the most efficient way of configuring routing on the BR1 router, 200-125 dumps such that devices at the BR1 site would have connectivity to the HQ site and the Internet?
200-125 dumps
A. Create a static route to the /16 network.
B. Create a default static route.
C. Configure OSPFv3.
D. Configure EIGRP.
E. Configure BGP.
Answer: B

Question 14
You are configuring an EtherChannel connection between two Cisco Catalyst switches, using PAgP for dynamic EtherChannel formation. Ports on one side of the EtherChannel are configured to the Auto PAgP channel modE. To which PAgP channel mode must the ports at the other side of the EtherChannel be configured?
A. On
B. Auto
C. Desirable
D. Active
E. Passive
Answer: C

Question 15
Which of the following are components of an Ethernet frame? (Choose 3.)
A. Preamble
B. ToS Byte
D. DF bit
Answer: ACE

Question 16
Consider the following topology. You issue the show cdp neighbors command on router R1. 200-125 dumps Which of the following devices will appear in the output of the command? (Choose all that apply.)
200-125 dumps
B. CUCM server
C. Cisco IP Phone
D. R2
E. R3
F. SW1
Answer: DF

Question 17
To what address does EIGRP for IPv6 send updates? 200-125 pdf
B. FF02::A
C. ::1
D. FE80::10
Answer: B

Question 18
The default OSPF cost for a 1 Gbps link is 1. What is the default cost for a 100 Mbps link?
A. 1
B. 10
C. 100
D. 1000
Answer: A

Question 19
You are sitting at the privileged mode command line prompt on RouterA, and you want to remotely connect to RouterB (which has an IP address of
What command would you issue on RouterA?
A. ssh
B. traceroute
C. ping
D. telnet
Answer: D

Question 20
The following output was generated from what command? 200-125 dumps
Global values:
Internet Protocol routing is enabled
FastEthernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up
Internet address is
FastEthernet0/1 is up, line protocol is up
Internet address is
FastEthernet1/0 is administratively down, line protocol is down
FastEthernet1/1 is administratively down, line protocol is down
A. show cdp neighbor
B. show protocols
C. show version
D. show ip interface brief
E. show interfaces
F. show running-config
Answer: B

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